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  • 09/15/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Welcome Montana Mom….glad you came to play. If you have been joining us quietly you know we cover all aspects of life not just Fire even tho we have a huge investment in that also. So don’t be shy, can’t be if you are here.

And to the oldie people on the list: wow we have done it all. We have discussed fire, marital and other relations, children and temper tantrums, homeschooling, breastfeeding (Abs close your eyes) roller derbying, practical jokes, jobs dispatching and physical fitness, and how to not kill our FF the first two days they are home. And now We get a grammar/computer lesson.

PLEAZZZZZZE !!! Abs, we have very important things to discuss here and you are bothering us with petty details. Ok, we need to discuss fish….my fishes are hiding in their sea shells. Is that normal?

Sammi (who is terrified now to type anything for fear my keyboard will explode) (smiley face) we need to be able to do little pictures


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