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  • 09/15/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Welcome to Family Said, AMM!

We’d love to get your perspectives on things, and we’re glad you joined us.

When you compliment us girls on going out and doing our own thing…well, it’s women like you who laid the groundwork and made it possible for us go out and do the “unladylike” things. I worked in South America for a while; I do appreciate how far we’ve come in the US. The idea that “Firefighter” and “feminine” are not mutually exclusive…well, that’s a tough one.

Nice to have you,

Nerd on the Fireline

P.S. We greatly admire Sammi too.

Hey, Posters, including Nerd and Dawn, a request from the Abs:
Could/would you please watch how many lines you skip (times you hit the carriage return) between parts of your message? The more extra skipped lines, the more “editing” we need to do to minimize posting space and the more mistakes we can make in reading, copying, and posting. I left Nerd’s post above unedited to illustrate. (Plus I know from past interactions that she won’t take my request personally. She’s particularly thick skinned if you haven’t noticed. (Good ff trait.))

Another posting “mistake” this morning resulted from extra carriage returns in Dawn’s message. We cut and pasted all we could see on our screen and the message got posted as coming from C~ cause that’s all that showed up on the screen because of the blank lines before the message to C began. Dawn alerted us and we corrected the mistake. (C~ may know didly about homeschooling and the Waldorf Method. How confusing!) If you haven’t read the corrected version from Dawn, scroll down.

With as busy as we are, cutting and pasting-as-is works best for us. Sometimes when things come in, we’re on the way out the door and we don’t notice how much further down a message goes if there’s more than one line skipped. Everyone, you can REALLY help by lightening up on your carriage returns, and that includes after you sign your moniker. Nerd! You don’t have Pulaski in hand, it’s just a keyboard. :-0      ;-)


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