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  • 09/15/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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OK, on invitation of Sammi, who I don’t know but greatly admire, I’m coming
in out of the shadows.

I’ve been a “lurker” here on TheySaid for the past 3 summers. I have a
21-year old son who is in college and who has fought fires the past 3
summers with a private contractor out of Oregon. Partly out of not wanting
to infringe on my son’s privacy (my kids hate it when I talk about them), I
have not joined they Family Said discussions, yet. Actually, the first
summer, I just wasn’t sure that he would continue with the fire business, I
didn’t discover TheySaid right away, and I wasn’t sure that a kid with a
private contractor was considered a “real” FF. Then, the second summer, it
seemed that most of the posters to They Said were with fire fighting
agencies and I didn’t feel I had a lot to contribute. Then this summer,
well, I guess I’m just kind of shy and the longer I didn’t join in, the more
I felt kind awkward about it. So, thanks, Sammi for the invite.

I have been blown away by the discussions on FamilySaid this summer. What an
incredible support group. And what a wealth of experience and knowledge to
be shared. And shared so willingly and honestly. As a mom, I don’t have the
same anxieties and concerns about personal relationships that many of the
posters do. And, at 52 (married 33 years), I’m kind of beyond that. But I
want all of you to know that I find Fire Momma’s and Sammi’s advice to be
very valuable. And I’m so thrilled to hear from the younger girls (I mean
“girls” in a good way) like TazGirl, Fire Chica, Nerd, and CatskillDog.
Way back, when I was their age, the main careers for girls were
teacher or nurse or housewife/mom. I think it’s wonderful that girls on are
the fireline and running businesses like Fire Momma. Actually, despite the
handicap of growing up in the 50’s, I did manage to become a lawyer and am
enjoying watching my son and daughter grow up and compete in a different

So, enough already. You guys are really great. Keep up the great dialogue. I
love the critter stories.

Another Montana Mom

Welcome Montana Mom.


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