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  • 09/14/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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TazGirl-the paragraph about your mother’s visit could
have been written by me. I love her so much. The
woman has given me so much. But there are times she
can drive me ab-so-lut-ly bananas! :). It has gotten
better recently. But I know what you are going

All you home schoolers-I wish I lived near you.
Although we send our daughter to public school I have
found the home schoolers have the same value system as
we do. A year ago August we yanked the antenna to our
TV and now the only TV anyone in the house get is
video or DVD. No commercials and no trash. We miss
our sports and news…but right now the benefit far
out weights our loss of entertainment (so called).
Anyway –home schoolers gave us the courage to do
this. I haven’t met any home schoolers in our new
area yet–maybe I should just pop into a Le Leche
League meeting some night around here.

Anyway you-all sound like people I’d want to hang
with. I think my FF wants to move back west. So who

Just had a FF spouse and family over for dinner. Her
FF is out and she was so glad to have an adult to be
with. The kids all got a kick out of one another too.
It was nice for them to know that other Daddies go
away for long periods too.

Well blessings all. My mother in law reported
Kallispell MT was pretty free of smoke, maybe your
fire fighters will be coming home soon.


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