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  • 09/14/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My husband is in the Mendocino also. He has been there about a week now.
I talked to him this morning about 8 am and they could see the plume from
the Deafy fire. Sounds like it took off yesterday and must be going good
today to have a plume so early in the morning.

I have been enjoying everyone’s animal stories. When wild animals get into
my house it is with the help of my cats. One night I woke up because the
cat was pouncing around on my feet. I turned the light on to see what was
going on and she was playing with her latest catch, a snake! One of them
likes to bring live bats into the house and release them to fly around.
(yes the cat’s have rabies shots and there isn’t a rabies problem with the
bat population here) I don’t know what I would do if she did it when my
husband wasn’t here to catch them. She caught a few right before my husband
left on a fire and I spent the next day sitting by the cat door ready to
lock her out if she tried to come in with anything.


Scott Vail’s Team is on that one, originally a collection of 39 small lightning fires and the few big ones. The Deafy Fire is the most active. Here’s the Incident page and the photos for family and friends page with maps and photos of firecamp and the Grindstone Cowboy (Scott Brockman from the Mendo NF). The map of all the little fires is interesting. Check out the photos of the Deafy Fire Wind Event yesterday, link on Families and Friends photo page.


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