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  • 09/12/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well, my so’s fire is winding down so he called tonight and will be home by Tues. That is a good thing because I need firewood brought up. My little red wagon has to make three trips to get me thru a day and night. and with the chilly nights I want warmth.

Breastfeeding: do whatever you need to for yourself and the little one. Just ignore any busybody that says anything or gives “the look”. they are probably jealous.

Home schooling, we have a lot in common. We (I) home schooled the youngest three….it was an awesome experience and I wish I had known about it for the others. Especially the boys, with their short attention spans and the need to be moving around and exploring, their young lives would have been much more enjoyable for all of us. But we survived both public and home schooling. I did not use a curriculum. We did the “child led learning” whatever they were interested in is what we learned about. Of course with math, reading and writing included. MY youngest learned fraction, weights and metric in the bathtub. I kept all sorts of plastic measuring cups, measuring spoons, turkey basters with measurements on them, little scales, any thing with measurements. And he would spend forever in the tub playing in the water with all the measuring stuff.

Then he wanted to do pulleys and weights. So I bought all sorts of little pulleys and wire etc. Dad and he strung that wire with the pulleys from the beam logs all over the house and for months I was dodging Tonka trucks and baskets full of rocks, matchbox cars filled with pennies, etc that were being pulled around the ceilings with all those pulleys etc.

One day I was outside doing something and I heard a noise on the roof and he had climbed out his upstairs window and was rigging up an antenna to get better reception on his radio. He was a little older then, probably 12 or 13. If you want a learning experience, figure out the measurements of Noah’s Ark and go outside and mark off the dimensions so you can really see how big it was…..I really learned a lot from home schooling.


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