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  • 09/12/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Good Afternoon Ladies!!

Dawn.. No flames from here. Kudos to you for BF… We talked about this the other night on the chat. You are not the only one on here who was nursing a toddler. Don’t let anyone tell you that you should only do it till the are a certain age. You do it till whenever. My 3 yr old still had a pacifier at bed time, well that is now gone as off Tuesday night. We did it cold turkey to, but she slept with her rescue helicopter instead. Now at night when she asks for one I tell her they are all gone but to get a toy or something to sleep with.

And oh my the animal stories!!
Where I used to work in MT, I worked with pain in the ass teens. Anyway it was in the mountains so we had the occasional mountain lion or cougar that would come into the area looking for whatever. Well the girls in my family would freak out about them. So at night even if one had not really been spotted, I would tell them that one had just for fun. And on the way back to our dorms we would be walking and I would be calling… Here Kitty Kitty Kitty… Needless to say the kids would freak out!! I loved it.

And most of these kids were rich little city kids so they weren’t used to the animals. Well one night I was driving a van back from the lake with about 8 girls in it and I hit a deer. Well they freaked, one was in tears over it. They wanted me to go back and make sure it was dead. I explained that we can’t do that since if it isn’t it can be very dangerous to me. So I told them that if I went back who was gonna get out and make sure it was dead?? Of course no takers on that. And if it wasn’t who was gonna finish it off so it didn’t have to suffer. HAHAHA I was mean.

This is the only critter story I had!!


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