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  • 09/12/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Tantrum children….

–> (scene: kicking and screaming on the front room floor) Calmly go to the linen closet and take out a twin-size sheet (either flat or fitted, doesn’t matter) Hold the sheet at about the 5 foot level and ceremoniously chant as you flip the sheet out and let it settle on little tantrum-er … or tantrum-ess. Have a spray bottle of water at hand. When the sheet settles over the little varmit, start spraying the sheet like it was a garden of flowers and start singing…any familiar song will do…something they’re used to…Amazing Grace…whatever. They will emerge a bit confused. You should next blink sweetly…and say…”Ah, my first flower has bloomed!”

Two different things will happen…they’ll be amused and will listen attentively as you read them a bedtime story..or they re-melt, at which time you just start over. Splash them with jello…wipe jelly on their elbow…ANYTHING to unsettle them out of their tack. YOU ARE THE QUEEN! Act like it!

Okay, so I’ll share with you all… Yesterday was kind of a difficult day for me.

In addition to my work in the fire realm, I am also a farmer. I grow flowers. I am a member of an agricultural cooperative. Our cooperative has a CSA. A “CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.” What that means is that at the first of each growing season, we offer “shares” of the agriculture products we grow. Our customers pay a set season price for their “share.” Each week, we deliver a box of whatever is in season. We have a regular CSA program and we also have a Senior CSA program that we were commissioned to operate through the state agricultural department. I am one of the three people who volunteer to supply our seniors with their CSA produce (all of our growers grow it, I just help deliver it…). Okay, now you have the background, and you know what a CSA is.

Yesterday was the regular senior CSA day. On that day, seniors come to my house to pick up their food. These people, for the most part, are very tired, and very thankful. I just want to take them in my arms and kiss them on the forehead. But, you know, that generally freaks people out if they don’t know you very well. So, I give them their fruits and vegetables and I lure them into conversation…and I encourage them to eat, eat, eat their fresh fruits and vegetables because I think it will make them feel better and think better. And I realized yesterday, they probably wait all week just to come to pick up their fruits and vegetables to be able to talk to somebody. So, I take them into my flower field. I give them fresh eggs. I try to figure out what’s important to them and get them to talk about it.

If you get a chance, any chance, if there are senior folks around you…just find a reason to talk to them. Help them feel their presence here matters to someone.

Okay…I’ll stop. I’m just a bit sad today.

I want to grow old gracefully. That’s easier sad than done.

I can’t find it right now, but there is a wonderful book/poem entitled: “When I am an old woman…”

…When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, and learn to spit…and say we have no money for butter.

I should go find it now…


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