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  • 09/12/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Okay, Sammi…I have 2 cats!!! and one of them did catch the little sucker, but then dropped it in my daughters Barbie case, so that he could play with it before eating it. Brings new meaning with “Don’t play with your food”

3 year old meltdown: She is standing naked at like 7pm, after stripping of her jammies, and wants to put on a “dress-up” dress and go outside and ride her bike in 50 degree weather. I told her no, it was time to get ready for bed, I had to pick up her limp and screaming body and put her on the toilet, and then fight her jammies on while she is screaming in a voice I have never heard “No, I don’t wanna wear my jammies” It was demon spawn all the way. Just a little back ground…she has NEVER has tantrums, but last month she went to grandmas for 2 weeks for the first time, and while there she weaned herself from breastfeeding. So now we are learning to cope without breastfeeding for comfort. I KNOW.. WAY TOO MUCH INFO. Please no “flames” on my extended breastfeeding.

Anyway, add this to the fact that this daughter is “daddy’s girl”, and when he is gone like this, she is a wreck. My older daughter doesn’t seem to mind too much, she understands more why he is gone.

As for that squirrel story, I WOULD DIE! I WOULD MOVE OUT until someone got that damn squirrel out of my home!

So that is my pathetic saga, add that to the daily crap around here, and homeschooling, and I am a WRECK!! Yes that is complaining that you hear :)


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