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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I was reading Firecookies post about the squirrel, Me too!!! Everyone was out on fires last summer, only people I could call to help was daughters in law and they are as much weenie material as I am.

Anyway late one night I was watching TV and I saw this blur run across the logs (walls) about 4 feet up around the family room. I thought it was a mouse but it made two or three trips around the room and the dog was going crazy. It looked like a mouse the size of a cat. I had bought a box of apples to dry and had them stored in my husband’s closet until I cut them up to dry. The next day I was putting clothes away and saw my apples had been destroyed every apple in the box had little teeth marks and chewed spots.

Everynight for about a week I saw that creature running around the inside walls of the house. So I finally got a good enough look to know it was a squirrel. So brilliant me, I took the screen off the kitchen window and left the window open, hoping he would leave. Didn’t see him the next day so I put the screen back on and thought life was good. Well next morning I walked in the kitchen and the little booger had chewed his way thru the screen and was back in the house. So now I have no apples and a ruined screen. Plus a bunch of bread and some cookies that were toast. So now we are at war.

Hubby calls and I tell him to get his —– home and shoot this monster. He had no problem telling me to use my shotgun and shoot it myself. Yea right. Hold still Mr. Squirrel. Blam!!!!! Opps, we were getting a new TV weren’t we dear? No way….so I put up with The Terminator till hubby got home and we left the screen off again and yep….we caught him in a trap and Terminator was moved to the state park. I’m sure he has produced several generations of terminators and one of them is bound to find his way back here for revenge…


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