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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Fire Momma and Sammi… Oh my gosh are you two so right!! I couldn’t help but laugh at both of your definitions of a melt down!! Mine does all of that and more… She is now at the stage where she will throw herself down and kick. Oh and the selective hearing that goes along with it is so much fun!! And Sammi you are right about bribing them with anything you can think of. Oh all you want to do with them when they are acting like this is to lock them in the closest closet!!! But of course we don’t do that at least we don’t admit it. Just kidding put down the phones and quit dialing CPS.
Actually my little angel is asleep right now and this is the best time sometimes.
Everything is good, one down and one to go!!

Oh my and the mice stories are so funny. I actually dated a guy who lived in an orange grove and they had mice real bad. Not little ones either. BIG ONES!! I once ran out of the house and left until they got it out.

Here in OR it is big spiders that like to be in our house. I use the JC Penney catalog to kill them. Last summer my husband was on a fire and he called me. Here I am talking to him for the first time in a few days, when all of the sudden I scream and toss down the phone. I am yelling like a little girl and I start throwing the catalog at this huge thing. I picked up the phone after it was dead and lying under the catalog and calmly proceeded with my conversation. I told him what I had done and he was laughing so hard I thought the whole camp would be in on the funny.

Well that is my contribution today to the critter killings.


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