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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ok now here is the expert talking. When any child is behaving in any way that mom finds annoying or bewildering, you get down on all fours so you are eye level with the little rugrat and get right up there forehead to forehead and you whisper,,,,”Sisie, if you will stop screaming and throwing your crackers in the playpen with your brother, I will let you go to the freezer and pick out any color Popsicle you want. And if you want ice cream after that we can do that also. But you have to promise not to scream any more until the next wakeup (tomorrow).” All of that behavior modification and non-stressing is ———–. BRIBE THEM!!!!!!!! It works.

I was in the huge grocery store with our sweet baby when he was about 4. He wanted something and in my stupidity I refused to let him ruin his dinner. He threw the biggest fit I have ever witnessed. MY theory at that time was remove the child from the reason for his anger. So I grab the kid off the floor, him kicking and screaming and I football carry him toward the front of the store going to the car. I am telling him we have to leave if he doesn’t shape up. Oh boy was that a mistake. I carried that squirming kid thru the store with him yelling “call the police, CHILD ABUSE, she is beating me, help I am hurting, mom stop you are breaking my arm” and on and on and on.(His older brothers had contributed by teaching him this technique) And honestly I do not know why someone did not call the cops. Let me say this since the stature of limitations has not run out…..that child NEVER did that again. And that is as much of a confession you are getting. maybe I will sign this anonymous (Sammi)

Ok, I have solved the problems with furry creatures and children. I am going home to see what kind of mess the fish have made. Hopefully my computer will be ok tonight…..later


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