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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hi guys, I have been working way too hard and my e-mail at home is down so I am posting from the office. It’s legal.

Dawn, ever heard the word CAT !!!!! I have two and their whole existence is to get all those furry little creatures that love log homes in the woods. I’ll tell you all the squirrel story later…anyway. My cats love to catch mice and bring them home to me….like they are feeding me I guess. So if any of the testosterone crowd are around, I just stand there and yell pointing at the little headless body that is either on my bed or in my chair. Sweet kitty’s.

If none of the testosterone carrying people are around, I do my thing. Picture me sneaking around the dead, still, cold little furry beheaded body. As if it is gonna jump on me. I hurry to the kitchen to grab two surgical gloves (used to make hamburger patties) anyway I put on the surgical gloves, get a huge baggie, sneak back to the beast and put my hand in the baggie, like a pillow case, and pick up the monster. YUK!!!! Fold the baggie over really fast and RUN for the outside trash. They are never to be buried in my kitchen trash, ever !!!!!!!

Oh and that reminds me of Betty the cat…couple of years ago one of my guys was on a fire and found a tiny black kitten. He hauled her around in his coat for a couple of days till they were demobed and he brought her home to me. He had named her Betty after the only bar in the area he was in. So we have Betty the Cat named after “Betty’s Bar”. He took her with him when he got married but the new wife could not handle the headless mice on her bed, so I have Betty back and son pays kitty support (food) and has liberal visitation. Betty is still supplying me with little headless rodents but not as often so I am grateful for that.


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