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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Geesh…I suppose we could just let you stew about the “melt down”… ; ). But, as far as I could figure out from talking to as many people as I could about this when mine were going through it (which they ALL did)… according to child psychology folks, the “Tearful Threes” follow the “Terrible Twos.” Specifically, in terms of psychological development, when a little one is three they go through a period of realizing they have these things called “emotions” yet have no idea of how to control them. So, like a runaway truck with no governor on the transmission (that is where the governor is, isn’t it???) at times of high stress and/or fatigue, and/or stimulus overload, …well, you know those volcanoes we made in fourth grade science class? It’s like that just with emotions. It doesn’t stop…till it stops. By that time, mom is usually wiped out and babe is exhausted and sleeping.

Dawn & FireWife, did I do okay in the explanation department? How’s things today?

Fire Momma

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