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  • 09/11/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Checking in.

I definitely need to check into a two-module “firefighter re-entry” program…The first module for the returning firefighter, and the second for the SO. Just sent all the fallers we had back on our roster out again…this time north. Whew…the ole house has quite a different feel with only estrogen here. My daughter, myself, dog, cat and 24 laying hens. I honestly didn’t realize I’d disposed of the last bit of testosterone with the three roosters I put in the freezer. Wonder if there’s anything subconscious about that….Hmmm.

Dawn, I could just feel your frustration. But, when a three year old has a melt down, there’s almost nothing I could figure out to do aside from calm down myself, calm the house down, put on soothing music and hope they get the “calm” by osmosis. I can remember how hard that was to actually accomplish. Hope things went better for you tonight. An unhappy babe can be so draining for mom.

Nerd, I looked back and don’t think I have your email. If you’d like to talk about explosives, I’d be happy to. Just let Ab know you’d like to contact me directly. OOOooohhhhh! Explosives!

Fire Momma

Can’t say I have ever felt our house with no testosterone. (snort)


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