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  • 09/09/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Whoo-hoo, (formerly) FireMomma…I would be so happy to get any further
info you’ve got on getting fire-tree-hazard-blaster certified…I’m kind
of half-assedly working on my commercial blaster’s cert right now, with
that kind of peripherally in mind. But Primacord is fabulous stuff. I
had a project once collecting waste bits of it from an operation,
bundling them up, and detonating them. “Disposal”. I called it a very
entertaining week…a bundle the size of a foot ball blew a big chunk of
13″ structural steel I-bean into four pieces, one of which we never

How about that for a moniker? Primacord? Tree-detonator? Ka-boom? Big
Bada-boom (hmm, that could be interpreted as suggestive…might want to
avoid that). I think Primacord suits you…a suitable warning to any
who’d tackle you in debate!


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