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  • 09/09/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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We missed you last night, Nerd. And you too, Sammi. Robbie, where were you? We had a good ol’ time. I even left practice early to make it.

Has anyone heard from Tonya lately? She must be busy w/ school and her man. Lucky…

How late did the rest of you continue after I left? I talked to my FF for about ten minutes and then went to meet my friend from out of town because he left this morning. Boy, I really notice the difference when talking to my FF between the first of his 14 days and the last. He is so tired at the end, it is really hard to have much of a conversation. He is too tired to get very involved in what I have to share and too tired to really offer much of his own. Most of our conversations now end with, “I’m sooo over this.” (the phone/not seeing you business I mean)

Well, not much else going on for now. I might go get a second job waiting tables. My brother knows a girl that works this barbecue place and she makes really good money. But then I looked it up on the internet and its theory is similar to Hooters. I.e. you have to wear pretty short shorts/skirt, etc. So, since I respect all you strong women’s opinions, am I degrading myself if I do this for two months to make money to go travel? Am I selling myself out to do this? Or using it as purely a temporary opportunity to make quick money? Which is more important…making a stand that I won’t do it, or making that money? My bro’s friend says she makes about $150 – $200 a shift…with her clothes on people…this is still waitressing we’re talking about here. This is a real tough one for me.

Thanks for any input,

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