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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thank you so much for your encouragement. You know how it is, weeks go by and you’re fine and then all it takes is that one day that you’re just so sick of it you can’t stand it. I just need to make it through this week and try to focus on other things. After that, I have a BIG roller derby game this Sunday, a visit with my mom possibly two weekends in a row, then my b’day and then he should be here a couple of weeks after that. I’m anxious to see how things progress between us after that. Hopefully, he will still be willing to put in the work to build those bricks. I think at this point, he knows he kind of owes it to me due to his absence. And won’t feel differently come fall. But he seems pretty dedicated to the relationship and realizes I have been more than patient with him and offered him many chances over winter and spring (when he wasn’t quite as devoted). I had a feeling he was worth it though and he did come around. This is really his first relationship so it has been a learning process and he didn’t bring many skills to the table in the way of communication, etc. “relationship skills”

(I always intend to shoot off a short one and end up going on and on)

Catskilldog, so good to hear from you. I was starting to think you dropped off the face of the fire world since your man has returned.

Hey gang, I haven’t heard back from Mellie yet but I have practice tonight, as far as our “date” is concerned. Not much I can really do about it but if some of you will hang around past the first hour, that’s when I can make it. Otherwise, poor little me will have to wait until next time. (sniffle, grin) And I hate to miss out. Where can I send off my request for a transcript Ab? ;)

Maybe I’ll talk to some of you chattier Kathys later on.

Keep rollin’ on,

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