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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Cut yourself some slack girl. The stuff you are going
through is rough, but good. You’d be going through
this stuff in other ways even if your FF wasn’t a FF.
This is the hard work. The stuff that makes a great
relationship. Keep thinking that you are building a
relationship with this guy brick by brick. Some
bricks are harder to form than others. Those of us
who have been married to our FF for a long time can
tell you that the building never stops (even during
non fire season). Your relationship is forged via the
fire (literally and figuratively). Sometimes the
longer and hotter the fire the better the
relationship. So keep on keepin’ on (oh my I’m
showing my age). You’ll get this thing right.

My FF was gone on trips for his graduate school
project early in our marriage. Those where hard times
and we didn’t have a little kid at home all the time
then. But the topper….the one that probably trained
me to be a fire wife was when he went to the Ukraine
(former U.S.S.R.) and worked at the foot of Chernobyl
nuclear plant and studied mice for two weeks. No
calls, no messages. “Bye honey” when they left U.S.
soil and “Hello honey” when the plane landed back on
U.S. soil.

TazGirl you can do this! Be strong. He thinks you
are strong.

Well my FF is trapping bats tonight so I hope to see
you-all at chat when that gets arranged. I would love to
have a real time conversation.


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