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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks for your comments and insight Sammi. (I know you said you were leaving for this day, but you can read this later) I was just glad he didn’t get mad because I was kind of unloading on him last night. I think that would’ve upset me more. And I wasn’t really being that dramatic or anything, just sad rather. He apologized that he was putting me through this (like you said your hubby felt bad for the same reason). I said it was okay, that I had made that decision myself and that he was worth it. Our relationship is just so new you know? So hopefully it will be some kind of testament that we’ve successfully made it through this fire season w/o any resentment or anything else after only 6 months of dating, five actually. Five together, five apart. Now if I can just get over my nervousness of tackling the day-to-day prospect of being together and that adjustment.

And the other point you made…them being out there, being told what to do almost 24/7. It makes a good point and was something I noticed before but couldn’t put my finger on it. I know he is out there, working really hard, not much personal freedom and exhausted. But there is still that aspect of just going forward, being busy and not having to think too much or makes decisions for yourself or fill up time. For me, that is different for obvious reasons. I have a day to do nothing or social functions to go to that I wish I had a companion to go with, and just really notice his absence that much more. I’m certainly not saying he doesn’t miss me very much, but how he copes with it is different I guess. I’m just babbling now… And yes, Poet, I find myself mentioning him in conversation all of the time and I’m sure my friends get sick of it. Especially since they have no real point of reference, having never met him. Kind of makes ya feel ridiculous sometimes…or childish. That’s why this board is invaluable. You don’t get that. I’m just holding out for that sand between my toes too.

For those of you that haven’t seen it already, Heli Groupie posted a great article link to a Smithsonian article about prescribed burning, timber sales, etc. and the debate over whether we are working against nature by putting out too many fires too early. It was a great article. Still left you sittin’ on the fence to an extent though. But that ranger and the Montana example were hard to disagree with.

I’m a little bummed too because my friend that is visiting from Cali (the music video guy) has hooked up with my best friend and has either been hanging out with her or working. He only stayed at my place the first night and then his suitcase disappeared and is over at her house. So I haven’t gotten to hang out with him too much. And the dang monkey didn’t show!!!

I guess I should just be happy for my friend. But there are other circumstances that come into play that I’ll get into later.

The good news is…my friend from Colorado just moved here and I just got a call from him. Haven’t seen him in over a year. And he has a boat for wakeboarding. Super yay.

My FF is going to Maine this week to visit family so at least I can look forward to some good phone time. He is on the Maple fire in WA right now. He said he can’t wait to play a lot of golf once he is here. I just can’t wait for someone to go to the grocery store with, rent movies with and cook dinner. Ahhhh….

Here’s to unreliable monkey handlers….


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