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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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really quick here then I have to go check on some things….

Taz….don’t feel like you were weak or wrong to be weepy. My husband and I have been married more years than you are old I’m sure. I still have meltdowns and he still gets upset with the situation not me….he wants to fix it so I will feel better and he can’t. So then he feels neglectful and it goes round and round. I think all of us, FF and the left at home brigade will be able to handle it much better if we recognize it for what it is and get thru it. The reason for the emotional roller coaster is because we care so much and they care so much and we are both stuck in a vacumn and cannot call the shots for ourselves. It is in the hands of the Fire Gods and we will weep, scream, cuss, throw a pitty party then pick ourselves up, dry our eyes, take a deep breath and get on with life. My husband learned a long time ago, because of my job I will come home sometimes mad or weepy and he knows to just sit and let me vent then I am ok…..its the same thing with fire, let me vent and I will be ok. He doesn’t have to fix it- just listen. It works for us….

We are the strong ones, left to manage life, and they go out and have someone to cook, clean and tell them exactly what to do all the time. (wait that sounds like what I do when he is home) I’m outta here, be good girls and hang in there.


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