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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I guess about everyone’s checked in post-weekend except me. Are you just on pins and needles or what? ;)

Sammi, before I forget, another option for printing from the board (although you can edit it like Heli suggested): highlight the desired text, select Print from the File menu and when the prompt window comes up, select “selection” instead and it prints only what is highlighted. I have used that before for this board and it works. But if you wanna make it purdy then you should copy and paste into Word like Heli said.

I had quite the weekend. I wish I could say I feel refreshed and rejuvenated to start my work week, but no. I’m tired and feeling a little burnt out. Last night I committed the cardinal sin of being a FF’s girlfriend. I cried and whined on the phone. But you know, before you all shriek, it really wasn’t that bad or pathetic. You know how some days are just really bad and you miss them so bad you can feel it in the pit of your stomach and yet there’s absolutely nothing you can really do about it? It was one of those days. I was just feeling run down and needed something to soothe or comfort me and nothing would do that…except him…and he is 3000 miles or so away with at least a month to go. But after talking to him about it, I felt better. It’s just been especially hard lately because I’ve talked to him barely twice in almost two weeks. I was really feeling that lack of connection and presence of distance and was trying to express that to him. He wanted to get off the phone at first after only five minutes or so of idle, distant chat. I was tired, he was tired and he was kind of PO’d at me. But that’s the thing about men it seems. When they are PO’d, they don’t tell you. His way of telling me was to get off the phone way too early w/ me. But I got it out of him and the conversation progressed after we talked some more and I think we both felt better. He thinks I go out too much with all my girlfriends and stay out late, drink too much and become irresponsible and he worries. And he’s not entirely wrong by any means. I told him I would try to tone it down. There is just so much going on here ALL the time. And especially since I have 60 rollergirl friends too. You really have to be self-motivated in this town because at any given moment there are parties and bands to see, and five people willing to go with you and stay out late. You almost have to turn your phone off and hibernate at home to stay away from it all.

This is all another reason I think I’m ready for a move. I’ve lived here through college and beyond now and think I need something else. I need a change of lifestyle. I absolutely love it here and am terrified of not making friends like I have here. But I also don’t see myself progressing much if I stay here. And I’d really like to live in/around the mountains also. I’m am so envious to hear about you guys road trips up there and all the camping opps. available. And the trees…. It must be gorgeous.

Thanks for you poem Poet. I feel so honored to be included it it. You have such talent.

Nerd, I think you’re right. I’m just going to have to start making some calls. With all the different agencies and stuff, it can be a little confusing. But I’ll figure it out. The dispatcher thing seems obscure at time as far as info. posted.

Dawn, the ‘not knowing’ aspect of FF does suck, indeed. Making plans seems impossible. And when they tell you they’ll be spiked out for 2 days, and 2 turns into 5!!! And that’s just waiting for a phone call, no return to home. Hopefully that will be my situation next summer though. I agree w/ Heli, when the summer started (it’s my first) I became quite obsessed with the Sit. Report and any/all other fire news. It made me feel more connected and not totally in the dark. My roller derby championship game is 10/5 and I’ve been begging my FF to be here by then. But as far as planning on it…that’ll never happen. It’s slim that he’ll be done by then. He has to go back to Alaska first too and then down here.

I think I’ve yapped enough for now. I know this is really long…sorry. Post-weekend catch up you know.

Thanks again for listening,

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