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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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My SO works Helitack. They were flying the crews in and out of the fire and also supplies, meals (instead of Meals on Wheels, I guess you could say Meals on Rotors LOL) and such when the crews were spiked. Also doing water drops. Their helibase was by the Big Hole Battlefield and the fire camp was at Lost Trail Pass about 20 miles up the road from the helibase.

To copy Poet’s poems…just highlight with your cursor the text you want to copy, go up to your edit menu and select copy. After that select something like Windows WordPad or some other Wordprocessing Program and Paste it in from the edit menu. Then save it as a file. If yuu save it as a WordPad file it will be in a text format that you can import into other programs so if you want to make it pretty with artwork and have something like PrintShop you can do that.

Sounds like you had quite the adventure on your mini-vacation. We took a trip up to Idaho Panhandle earlier this year. I just fell in love with the area – so many trees! Reminded me alot of the Flathead area, but with even more trees. Our valley is really wide so it’s quite a distance to drive to be in the forest. It’s quite the contrast to have huge evergreens growing right on the roadside.

Heli Groupie

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