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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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after catching up:

Dawn, hang in there. It will be over soon….then when they get on our nerves we will be wishing there was a fire to send them to. Wasn’t he on the Biscuit Fire in Oregon last year? I think that is the one. Has he been staying close to his own forest this year? he is Forest Service, right? Your right, it is the not knowing what to expect that is the worst for me also. Can’t make any plans, can’t even depend on when to fix meals, and the kids never know when dad will show up. I do much better when mine is off on a fire and I know the start and the end.

I remember when our son was down on the St Joe. He was working on a forest that year and had the 5th wheel down there to live in. My hubbie and I packed up one Thur and went down there to visit him and do some fishing. Our son had not been on any fires except the small ones on his forest…..wouldn’t ya know it…he got called out later that Thur night and was gone till the next Tuesday. So we didn’t see him but for a couple of hours the whole weekend.

They really don’t like to be away from home. And it is such a contradiction but they also want to be out on the fires. It is a very difficult position for them to be in….we say” you say you don’t want to be away from home, then you fly out the door like you are going to a party” I don’t understand the FF mentality , they don’t themselves.

I still think we need Firefighter anonymous…..like AA.

Hey Poet……really liked the new poem. I wish someone would tell us how to print them….any computer geniuses out there?


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