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  • 09/08/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Oh my gosh….did you guys miss me. My hubbie and I decided Friday afternoon to take a mini vacation so we packed two little overnight bags and headed north. Called the phone chain and told them we were going to be out of the loop and would check in with them a couple of times a day…..I turned the cell phones off we could not be called. I would not let him take his radio so I thought we were safe…..

We got to Bonners Ferry Idaho and guess what….they have a rip snorting fire west of town that is really cooking.. about 3500 acres.. so we had to stop and check it out of course. Took pictures and watched with the binoculars. made it across the border and closer we got to Cranbrook, BC the more smoke we saw…..wouldn’t ya know it….HUGE FIRE west of Cranbrook, the whole place is on evacuation notice. There was a bizillion firetrucks, heli’s, tenders, flatbeds with all kind of equipment. scattered all over the place. MY man was in FF heaven. We HAD to stop and check out some army machine thing with tracks instead of wheels. Then he got into a conversation with a Mountie and some Canadian FF’s at one of the roadblocks….I read my book. At about 20 min I cranked Alan Jackson up on the radio and he came back…..

We stayed at a Motel in Cranbrook Fri night and the restaurant was packed with you guessed it FF from all over the world……again FF heaven. On a personal note the smoke was sooooo bad in Cranbrook I ended up taking allergy meds and complaining about the smell and wondering if my car seats were gonna absorb the smoke smell. And dear hubby could not even smell it…..I guess their noses are so use to it they really don’t smell the smoke after being in it so much. We got out of the smoke up around Windermere…went to Radium Hot Springs. It was wonderful.

Got home tonight about 5:30 pm and his marching orders were waiting…..so he loaded up and was out the door in the blink of an eye. Guess where he is going? After looking at the fire map there really is no where to go up here that we would not have been in fire country. But, it is raining here now so that is good. We haven’t had any rain in seems like months. So tomorrow I start another week as a fire orphan. No body here but the dog, the fish and me. Do any of you have experience with Siamese Fighting Fish?

Fire momma: what kind of trouble are you in on They Said…I sort of skimmed thru it and sounds like you have quite the “discussion” going. need any help? We could round up the Calvary (“FamilySaid” ) and jump over there and help…..naw you can takem, you go girl. Take no prisoners!!!!!!

I will catch up on all I’ve missed later and see what you guys have been yakking about…


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