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  • 09/06/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks to all of you wonderful people for your support and understanding. I know he can take care of himself out there, he may be fairly new to firefighting, but hey at least he is not being shot at in some far off land, right? If he was till a Marine, he would be right on the front lines somewhere, and that would scare the heck out of me more than fire. I just figure at least fire does not hold a grudge! LOL

He did get home this afternoon after pulling an all nighter, and goes back first thing in the morning out to another fire. I guess the hard part is last year when he started this, he did 2 campaign fires. So I kinda knew where he was. Now being on the Forest, he may leave for work one day and not come home for weeks.

I do follow the weather, it is hard not to when the lightening is so close you swear it’s gonna hit your house! I am a Southern California girl, and this is my 1st year up here in No. Ca. ..so these summer storms are all new to me. I am really not that fond of thunder and lightening, but I try and keep it together for my girls.

Oh and that mouse I spoke of…ran across my living room this morning while I was trying to put everything in my kitchen in Tupperware so that the little booger could not eat through packages. My cat caught it, but then dropped it in a toy bucket on the floor, I actually had to scoop it into a piece of tupperware and run …freaking out…outside, and my neighbor let it go in a field for me.

I can handle anything EXCEPT rodents, reptiles, and large spiders! I bet the entire town heard me screaming over a mouse!

Thanks for listening,

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