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  • 09/06/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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FireMomma, you are a hoot ! I enjoy your posts. I just re-read your post of 8/27, ask some of the jumpers if their group doesn’t have some kids size t-shirts – they did a year or so ago. did same thing you are with your second girl – and still believe in non-gender toys and activities. if you want a SJ t-shirt for her, I’ll try to find one for her!

keep the faith all. Lots of fires in many states; it may be another long burn year in some CA because of unseasonable rains & if big rains do not arrive early.

TY Mellie for the link
“The last time this area burned was 1956, so this is a lot of very dead, very dry material that’s burning now, in addition to the bug kill area,” she said” (CDF spokesperson). but the real kicker was, the idiot evacuee who was quoted, “We’re mentally prepared for at least two days,” … “They have a pool and cable. It’s nice.”

arrrgh! FFs are risking their lives to save the idiots who refuse to take responsibility to safeguard their choice to live in forest land and then turn around expecting or demanding others to save their butts & material possessions- if FEMA continues to waste my tax dollars to refund their loss I’ll attempt to be in any court to say ENOUGH WASTE! (bet elected officials won’t like my tomorrow’s letters & emails)
defensible space is not a new concept! the ppl who lived in Oakland Hills ’98(?) as the world saw those fancy homes go up in flames learned a hard lesson … and then the rains came (more ugly for those below). how many times can the Malibu area survive similar before ppl wake up, especially the county/city planners.

to everyone out there on the line, in a bad situation your life is NOT worth anyone’s possessions.


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