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  • 09/06/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Dawn…. I feel the same way. I only dated military
until I got married and you do know that when they
leave it is for a set time. But with FF they can be
all ready to walk out the door to come home and then
be sent somewhere. And they can’t always call and tell
you so you sit and wait and hope they are ok. I worry
all the time. I know he is good at his job but I still
worry. And everytime you hear all these stories on the
news I worry more.

The kids don’t understand why daddy made plans with
them for tonight and then doesn’t show. And with mine
we are in the process of moving and I have to do it
all since he is at work.

We live about 90 miles from K Falls and yeah with the
lighting the other night and then again last night he
is busy. He hasn’t been home early in days.

You can email me anytime you want to talk or B*&!^
about his job or him not being home. Laughs!!
I think you can get my address from Abs…


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