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  • 09/06/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Well, I guess it is finally my turn. My FF is out somewhere in the Klamath where there are some 30 fires burning from the recent electrical storm. He left this morning with all intentions of being home tonight, I guess that is the hardest part…not knowing. I really don’t mind him being gone, I married into knowing that he would be gone alot, I just hate not hearing from him, and him not coming home. You know back in Marine Corps days, it was 3 months gone here, 6 months gone there…I knew that he was not coming home, but this wait and see thing SUCKS!!!!! And I worry about everything that COULD go wrong, do all of you do this too? How do I get over the worry? And I hate being in the house alone with just me and the kids…again just the paranoid woman in me. (We do have 3 big dogs, so that helps a little) AND and I found out we have a mouse…or mice in my kitchen!!!! Darnit!!!!

Okay, my bitching session is done with, thanks for listening. I am so glad you are all here, I would be lost without you.


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