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  • 09/05/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Never tired of the family antics Sammi. It sounds like you have a wonderful family. My extended family has dwindled so much over the years as everyone gets older and moves but I do miss those big, chaotic family gatherings. My dad had five siblings so between all my aunt, uncles and cousins we had a lot of fun. I guess now it’s up to me and my brother to find a mate and have some kids of our own. I sure look forward to that… Since you can’t “know then what you know now” any knowledge you pass along the way is the next best thing. So advice to us youngsters gladly accepted, just not necessarily always heeded. ;)

Had a big night last night playing musical chairs w/ the Texas Rollergirls. One girl was scared because she was sittin’ between my and my brother. Not two people you want to be in between in a competitive game…which for us, defines any and all games. They had this great old timey band that played the music for us. It was a lot of fun. And then afterwards we took my friend from Cali to a couple of good, local bars.

I have only talked to my FF once in 8 days. I’m really feeling the distance. Man do we need some QT in a big way.

I’m still pondering over all these future plans. I keep going back and forth on the dispatching idea. For the most part though I think I would still really like to do it. My concern is my a) lack of experience and b) the fact that I really might not be able to take the S130/190 in October due to work and other obligations. I guess I could take some classes somewhere in the spring, but that doesn’t really help my application if I apply in Dec/Jan. And then there’s the matter of where to apply. The BLM in Alaska says you do not need experience for temporary fire season dispatching. But the BLM in the lower 48 seems to be singing a different tune and says you do. So I’m confused. And I don’t really think I should work out of Alaska because my FF and I are talking about being based out of Montana. I mean, he has a van that he sleeps in when he is working up there and his parents are there too. But I would not have a place to stay otherwise so how could I be based there? And being based out of Montana and having a place together, on the other hand, would mean a place to see each other on our occasional concurrent R&R days. Although it doesn’t sound like I go out two weeks and then the two days off. It sounds like I work more of a 9 to 5-ish schedule. I dunno. Maybe firechat w/ Southern Loving will clear some of this up for me. Thanks for listening to the rambling.

I would LOVE to set up a fire chat time. Do you all prefer mornings or evenings? Weekdays or weekends? My schedule is pretty open. I will have to look back and see what nights the TheySaid people talk about work n’ stuff but week nights I think are best for me. How about a nice post-weekend Monday night chat? Or Wednesday? But I have to say those are my roller derby practice nights so it would have to be before 8 my time, which in the west would only be an hour earlier unless you are pacific. So there you have it.

And Nerd, since you can’t wear the fire boots in the 5K you could just dress up real goofy. They’re having a costume contest for the weirdest. When you encourage Austin folks to be even weirder…it’s almost frightening. Should be interesting.


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