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  • 09/05/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Hey all,

Just wanted to check in and tell you I’m thinking about you. My husband got home yesterday morning. Came in and found him eating fried chicken at the counter in his birthday suit. Been kinds busy since then….

I’m in TOTAL support of a chat. Most anytime works for me.

I would also love to get together with folks in our neck of the woods and would like to be put on the background email circuit. I’m totally comfortable with the majority of you folks knowing who I am. Many do already. Margaritas anyone?

Northern Cal. is torching, as are other areas of the west…things are picking back up for us again. As fallers are trickling in, they’re refueling, cleaning, repacking, and heading back out again. I’m definitely planning on taking full advantage while my man is home. (He loves the kitchen, by the way… ; ) He sat down at the computer this morning to order my new oven and range top….Yeee Ha!

Sammi, your stories of your FF kids are wonderful. I have to say, I have not encouraged mine to follow their father’s path. My hopes for them were that they would fly far, far away from firefighting for the agency their father worked for. In our young world, fire came first, families came about fifth. I raised my children alone. I’m sure that says more about the dysfunctionality of my former relationship. But, I saw the same behaviors taking place all around us. I’m not saying that I forbid my children seeking FF employment…I just never encouraged it. I tried very hard to observe their passions and provide the resources and opportunities I could to help them along their OWN chosen paths, and felt fortunate none of them felt passionately about fire. I will also say, however, that if ANY of them had (and I shudder watching my youngest in her life “play” activities…) expressed that interest I would have supported their wishes fully. I will do the same with my youngest daughter. (I guess her obsession with parasailing at age three might give some kind of indication…but I can only hope otherwise…).

Why then, you might ask, am I a friggin’ fire contractor? It has to do with the window of “down time” professional timber fallers have in the middle of the summer because of fire season. It’s purely a survival issue…and has NOTHING to do with my love or admiration of fire or any fire organization. I am a business woman, a wife and a mother. Fighting fire is a business, not a passion for me. My passion lies in supporting my family, my husband…and now my roster of fallers. My passion lies in keeping them safe and fighting against the inherent safety factors that threaten them. That’s it. Fire? Doesn’t do anything for me, personally. Actually, when the scanner goes off, my gut reaction is to send it the way of the deceased TV. But, I don’t.

The fire arena is as hot as its ever been. Our prayers need to be constant. There are many, many, many hard working men and women out there.

Fire Momma

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