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  • 09/05/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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It has been an awesome day. Made some wonderful things happen and the world is happy. Went and got my hair done..no not orange, just highlighted.

All the FF yardsale stuff is off the porch and I suppose back in the beds of the trucks where it lives. trucks are gone also. I WON!!!! A couple of the guys went out this afternoon so I am relatively safe for a couple of weeks.

TAZ: you ask about our daughters. They are FF, not wildland. One is in the medical scene and the other one is doing structure and school. One of them did Wildland for a couple of seasons and decided she wanted to get married and be a mom so she switched her focus to structure/EMS, and she loves it. And she now has a son who is very interested in FF and is doing the explorer program. We kept telling her as soon as he found his niche in life he would excel. And he did and he does. And his grandpa is so proud he just glows…….

These girls were always right in the mix with their brothers. They still will wrestle in the front yard and have hell-latious water fights. They will make chopping firewood a contest. And we do get more work done that way. I wish every one lived closer and we had more time together because all of them are a lot of fun and throw in wives and a husband and several kiddies and we have a bunch. (and thankfully they all get along so far..)

After Taz asked abt them I was telling my partner about: when one was in first grade, one was in maybe 5th, one in 7th and one in 11th grade. Because we live so far out they all rode the same school bus. One day after school I got a call “Mrs. ——, you will have to come get your children they are not allowed on the bus”( now these kids had NEVER been in trouble on the bus) when I got to the school there they were all four of them sitting on the curb with two teachers and the principal standing guard over the little felons. Well, my first grader had been picked on by an older kid on the bus, my 5th grader jumped on that kid to save his little brothers life; my 7th grader got in the fray and stomped the other kids trying to interfere.

The bus driver grabbed my 1st grader for instigating the whole thing and my 11 th grade “daughter” proceeded to take the bus driver out. So we had a riot on the school bus started by MY children……..thank goodness everyone in the area knows us and knows all the kids in the area and it was not a pleasant experience for anyone but at least they were not arrested for assault. if I remember they were praised for taking up for each other but grounded for two life times for being disrespectful to the bus driver.

And I know you are probably tired of the family antics…..but about three yrs ago we had a wedding and because it was a FF wedding everyone wore their dress uniforms. Not only did they bring the good stuff but they also brought their turnouts, the ones that do structure, others had their nomex. I took them up to dads fire dept and got a picture of all of our kids in their various uniforms standing by their dad in uniform sitting in the drivers seat of his favorite engine. But my favorite picture is them in their turnouts and nomex wrestling with dad on the grass with the engine in the background. Very impromptu moment but so special…….I really do envy those of you starting relationships and maybe families. I would do it over in a second if I could but only if I knew what I know now…..by the time we learn to parent they are gone…..ok enough of memory lane…..

Are any of you interested in trying the chat thing Mellie explained……we need someone to come up with a time that fits as much as possible. Anyone volunteer to be the chat manager?

mellie……..can you give us a very general idea of what you do in FF like hotshot, medical, clerical, IC, weather…..we might have a bunch of questions…Sammi

If you decide on a time, we’ll post lookout.


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