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  • 09/04/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Dear Fire Friends,

My FF has been home since Monday (happy, happy, joy, joy) so I’ve been a little slow getting to the list. I tried to catch up on as much as I could but you-all have been very busy posting, I would need a whole 2 hours to read it all.

The house stories have had me in stitches too! As I was reading I thought about the big mess in the basement/family room. I think right now my daughter is sitting on a red bag surrounded by water bottles, a sleeping bag and other fire gear watching TV. For some reason his socks go everywhere when he comes home. Not to mention, as you-all did, the batteries that are all over the house. What is it with FF and batteries? The more the better? However, I do understand safety. Can’t radio in if you don’t have batteries that work. Safety is why I do not move any fire stuff!

However, I did think about leaving a note about not cooking dinner (I thought that was a good one) if it was not’t picked up, but HE is cooking dinner tonight so I WILL NOT complain :).

Thanks everyone for the humor, the poetry, the art work and the support. I can’t remember who said it, but a line someone posted here went something like…”we are in their lives because we are grown up and strong. If we were not they would not’t be with us.” I remember that when I get angry with the whole situation and I realize what a complement it is that my FF thinks of me as STRONG!

PS the humidity in Hoosier country has broken!!!! Hope that means that humidity in the west is up?!?!?!


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