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  • 09/04/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Okay, my case of foot-in-mouth disease seems to have broken out again. I meant “girly” as in “girlish” as in TeenPeople, Seventeen, Cosmo, not as in “chicks without clothes”…no suggestive magazines, just embarrassing ones. The AARP magazine “Old and Lively” or whatever it is (I really don’t remember) would work about as well, but it’s not nearly as good for reading aloud in the crummy as hair and make-up tips.


I am again in awe of your energy…as for 5K in fire boots…My car broke down once and I wound up walking about 8 miles back to town in my caving boots (which are better designed for such things than my fire boots)…asphalt is bad. I am not a city girl. My weekend plans sound so unambitious…salsa dancing, EMT class, and a little sleeping in.

As for ribbing crewmates…my experience comes from getting more than my share of grief and having to dish it right back. Both my wildland and my structure crews are developing for reputations for seriously high smart aleck (self-edited; the word I wanted to use ain’t polite) quotient. I mean, even by wildland fire standards.

Another Nemesis;

I really didn’t read your post as being hostile…I agree with you as far as being careful to protect our privacy and that of our loved ones. I also think your point about regional perspectives was a good one. Names, well, I made the mistake of saying what I did for a living (for those who don’t know me, I’m a vollie) on TheySaid and some of the most amazing nasty hostility came out of the woodwork. Not anybody really trying to be mean, just misinformed; and some of the comments came rather too close to home. The Abs (probably wisely) censored my (very long) response. Really, on this site, we’re here as FF and supporters of FF…that’s kind of all that should need to be said, identity-wise.

Nerd on the Fireline

Clearly that Ab has not looked at a Cosmo in his life. ~haw, haw~ But if the Magazines Cop could make a court case out of Cosmo, I’m sure she would.

Readers, if your post doesn’t get posted, please write back and ask why. Could be we never got it or it’s gone into the spam filter. I always communicate with those rare people whose posts I reject, usually with a suggestion about how to rewrite them if the poster so desires. Don’t remember censoring one from you, Nerd. If I did, it was probably our loss.


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