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  • 09/04/2003
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faux pas…I had it as a spelling question in a fierce game of Cranium over the weekend.

Sammi, your boys and husband sound like quite the troublemakers. Things must always be pretty lively around your household. I hope to have a family w/ such a great sense of humor some day. The way you tell your stories I have a great mental picture of it all. I love it when people are willing to go to far lengths for a laugh…it just makes it that much funnier. How do or how have your daughters always fit into this mix? Are they pranksters as well? I have one older brother that is my best friend and we share endless laughs, but I always wished I had more siblings. Still do… Would’ve distracted my parents a lot more too when I was a teenager. ;)

Your ideas were great Nerd. You have quite the insight on how to earn plenty of ribbing from crewmates. And just to keep you posted on my fitness progress, I have upped my sit-ups from 20 to 30 as of yesterday! Woo-hoo!

My friend that’s doing this music video gets in at 1:00 today from L.A. My room is clean. My car is clean. And I even put up some pictures and what nots on my bedroom wall. I moved in a couple of months ago and the walls have been virtually blank. So it feels great to have some things done that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I cleaned my car for an hour yesterday trying to get rid of all the dog hair and sweat was just dripping off the end of my nose. Can you say h-u-m-i-d-i-t-y?! I also coached roller derby practice last night and made ‘em skate their little butts off…some of ‘em not so little. Heh, heh…mine included.

Wish I had one of you gals to be my buddy this very active weekend. There’s musical chairs Thursday night, Twister Friday night and the Keep Austin Weird 5K on Saturday that I’m skating. I bet Nerd could run it in her fire boots….and would. And along the way you can stop at the donuts ‘n bacon booth, ice cream booth and beer booth. Keepin’ it weird…

***Sammi, I do not have an orange mohawk (*grin, snicker*) but thanks for the inspiration. I am considering a new do after all. You could get a grey mohawk…now there’s a prank for your boys and especially husband.

Over n’ out,

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