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  • 09/04/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Thanks for your response to Nemesis. The post from him/her really bothered me. I had an hour long drive yesterday to my new job and all I could think about was Nemesis’ post. My reaction was one of fear and anger.

Fear that someone would single someone out on a forum that was meant to support people and their problems, and angered that someone would even suggest that anyone on this board including the Abs would jeopardize our loved ones’ identities through a lack of discretion.

Since, I have experienced the help of the Abs in relation to getting out a message while still maintaining my anonymity, I can vouch for their thoughtfulness and expertise on this subject.

So, thanks again, Sammi & Abs.

Heli Groupie

Heli Groupie, you know, I debated putting up the post from Another Nemesis as it appeared to me to border on intimidating — and this in a forum that is geared toward support. Then I thought, why not educate the person? The person can clearly do no actual harm here and maybe they’re just unaware of how we operate.

I thank you and Sammi for your generous and honest replies, quite in contrast to the tone Another Nemesis projects, intentional or not.


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