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  • 09/04/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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I read and re-read Nemesis post today (yesterday) and I truly welcome his/her input and observations.

Most of my family has been around this week and we are having a good time enjoying each others company…..but I want to get serious here for a few. I have been a part of family Said since the beginning. I have no idea who Ab’s, Abby, Mellie, Hoosier and the other members are in real life. And for me it doesn’t matter…..I have learned over the years I can trust Abs and Abbys with my writings and they will suggest waiting to post, or changing something or several times they have changed names that I had already changed, just to help me get my point across at a better time or to protect my family’s identity.

I have posted a few times from my work computer, and that is no problem except there is no doubt Abs knew immediately what my employment is. And it is such that I have to be anonymous……for my protection not my embarrassment. (they might delete that and that’s ok.) MY family is my life and my kids are the best and we would do anything to protect them. No way is mom going to chance harming them by my writings. This list is Abs child and they will protect it…..I have complete confidence in the Abs and Abbey to help us all maintain the confidentially we need to continue this list. Without the confidentiality They Said and Family would fold. (and Nemesis —-I have a very good handle on confidentiality —-work with it every day)

We can be a powerful force for the good of FF, and as family we have a huge investment in their safety and security. But, we have to be assertive enough to speak out and be heard. When we were actively trying to get attention for the new shelters the Abs were a huge help in directing us to possible sources of info when needed, and passing private e-mails to people as needed. They also helped us stay away from making fupaws (?) that would be embarrassing to us and the list.

I have been around FF for a lot of years and as Abby wrote to Nemesis, I know the Abs are not going to do anything to jeopardize this list. All the mostly gals that are on the list now are awesome and hopefully we will keep growing because we need each other. Already we are hearing of good results in relationships from our rambling advice and support.

We have poets, mothers of young ones, moms of shots, horse trainers, roller derby queen in a skirt, artist, a mom that needed to get a message to her shot-son, and the list goes on and on. But regardless of what we do for employment, we all have a FF in our hearts and that makes us sisters (and brothers) The younger women on the list are as accepting of me and my grey hair as I am of them. And quite frankly this summer has gone by much faster and happier than any I can remember, because we have a connection and we all have mentioned how we look forward to reading the list whenever we can. Whether we have grey hair or orange Mohawks we have accepted each other and I want you all to consider your selves hugged. and Nemesis—stick around we need ya…


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