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  • 09/04/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Ideas for Sammi:

Ah, Sammi…a few ideas

1. Really silly girly magazines rolled up in the bottoms of their sleeping bags…nothing funnier than a big macho guy trying explain how he got a Cosmo in his bedroll. Try Lowrider magazine for the girls.

2. Chow Mein noodles…in line packs, sleeping bags, red bags. You keep finding them FOREVER. Raisins are worse, but more destructive. Styrofoam packing popcorn has many possibilities too, but it doesn’t prickle and itch in a sleeping bag.

3. Sew their names into their underwear. If anybody on their crew finds out, they’ll never live it down.

4. If you pack lunches for them when they head back out again…find all that goofy silly kid food, like the blue pudding and the lunchables in weird shapes, with sippy cups and little spoons shaped like animals, you know, all the stuff grown-ups would never be caught dead eating. Very, very good for earning crew ribbing, and do you know how frustrating it is trying to drink out of a sippy cup if you’re more than three feet tall?

5. Perfume. Many, many possibilities. Sleeping bags, packed yellers…you open ‘em up and just get a waft of scent. Again, hard to miss, easy to get teased about. I almost didn’t put this down because perfume is flammable and might not be good on yellers, but it should volatilize off just about instantaneously so it shouldn’t be a hazard. A guy on a neighboring department got burned because of fabric softener on his bunkers, though…I’ve always had a prejudice against fabric softener.

What I’d do too is slip a note into a weather kit or fireline handbook claiming responsibility and stating the cause-and-effect relationship.

Nerd on the Fireline

Please skip the suggestive magazines prank or you may have the “magazines cop” down on you. You could really get your folks into trouble, like lawsuit trouble, if she gets wind of them.


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