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  • 09/03/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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You guys will be so proud of me….nerdy…I did not surrender…..I left a big note on the house message board that politely said “all, and I mean all equipment, clothing, tools, footwear, EVERYTHING that pertains to ff will be cleaned and out of the house by the time I get home from work or I am not cooking the fried chicken all of you requested!!!!!!’.

well they did it, all of their gear is out of the house and laying and hanging over every chair, swing and banister on my front porch……I had to smile at it though because I could see they actually took their time to strategically place the stuff so there is no place to sit and we had to step over some of it to get in the house….. like I could miss it….whole place looks like a ff yard sale. One of them got down a huge 4 foot teddy bear we had in the attic, they put an old dirty, stained ragged turnout coat on him and sat him in my favorite rocker. Times like this I am so grateful my house and yard cannot be seen from the road.

I bet they had a briefing this am, got the weather report then planned the attack on my porch…….and dad drew the swing because all his gear was neatly lined up covering the whole thing with his hard hat on top like a crown……I really do enjoy them and they do keep us laughing. How can you be mad at people that are so determined to have fun in life? except that when they are home they use me as the victim…..so tomorrow I will not be surprised if I come home and all the gear is on the roof. Don’t tell them I said that…..wish I had thought to get a picture…..this has turned into “lets get mom”….and dad is helping them, turncoat!

If I had some help I could come home early and take all their stuff and hide it and leave and they would never know it was me…..oh they would be so unhappy, thinking the propane man stole all their gear…..really the propane man is very reliable he is the only one that comes around….I need some ideas on how to pay them back but they won’t know it until they are back out on the fires……that way I won’t have to run to save my life…


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