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  • 09/03/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Poet, nice poem,

Fire chat is our chat room on wildlandfire.com. See the little button in the header… It’s not just any old kind of “chat” room although Ab says he has surprised a few people in there making out from time to time. (Just kidding about the making out, not about the surprising people…) Usually we try to stick to fire questions and discussion of current fire issues. People are often more open and on-the-fly there than on theysaid. Sometimes we have a set topic we discuss that relates to safety, politics, FWFSA, interagency issues. Occasionally those discussions or Q & As are summarized for theysaid. I have done a few of those summaries.

Sometimes people bring their fire issues to firechat and we discuss those or young people come and ask jobs questions. Yeah, and sometimes contractors come and try to recruit if they can get away with it. The Abs do not promote that, but it may happen time to time.

During non-fire season there are some regulars who come when we’re all not too busy. Hunter is one. It’s a good place to get to know people better. Some folks who never post on theysaid come to firechat. Often the younger set as the night goes on. If we’re kicked back and chatting, the alcohol can flow. Hickman is good with the virtual spirits. After all, no one is driving anywhere. You can post links to photos etc, to all or on a private message line, letting good friends see what you look like, sharing an email address, agreeing to meet later in a quieter time on the chat site. It’s nice, informal. I helped with the monitoring last season. Monitoring can be a burnout for the Abs. Time consuming. But it is fun.

Often easterners get on early evening and stay as late as they can keep their eyes open and westerners come on a bit later. We have one regular vollie – Shep- from the midwest who used to hang out in the mornings to see if anyone stopped by. I enjoyed visiting with him. Hope he does it again. It’s a good place to learn about issues and meet those who post to theysaid (and now familysaid) and those who lurk. Some people use different firechat monikers than their posting monikers to maintain anonymity.

I’m sure you on familysaid could pick a night or afternoon to gather if you want to try it out or pick a regular time every week. Maybe a time when the younger folks want to visit. You’re also welcome to come when fire is the main topic. Often that’s a Wed, Th or Friday, sometimes Saturday night at 7PM west coast time. If you want to set something up ahead of time with short or longer notice, Ab would probably be willing to put up an announcement on familysaid or theysaid that people are gathering. The first person gets there and just waits. The chat page lists who is chatting. When people see who’s there, they come on in. You need to register your moniker before you enter, but that’s no big deal
Did I cover it Ab?

You did. Thanks, Mellie. A few more rules: No cursing, bullying or personal attacks allowed. Fun is OK, we welcome it. We try to keep difficult topics on issues, not personalities, even if you decide you don’t like someone, you gotta be civil. That’s about it. I also enjoy monitoring/participating when I have time. Right now when many are off on fire might be a good time for this crew on familysaid to try out the facility.


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