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  • 09/03/2003
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The good thoughts and juju all of you sent me worked. I got the call last night! My friend and I were sitting on my back deck chatting and winding down when he called. When the phone rang, I told my friend “oh, I hope that’s him, it’s been five days.” And turned out it was so she said she was about to leave anyway and not to worry about it. She said she completely understood. It’s nice to have friends like that. And really, if she had just gotten there I would’ve been more accommodating. So I sat outside while we chatted for what was probably an hour or so. We got to talk so long b/c he was in a motel for the night. It was kind of their make-up for being spiked out for so long w/ no personal gear. He said they hiked three hours to get into town and he was exhausted. So it wasn’t the liveliest discussion I was hoping for. But I’ll tell you what…if it weren’t for all the advice I’ve heard through this message board over the summer, I probably would’ve reacted differently. I reminded myself of what you all say about not taking things personally b/c they really are just dead tired and to keep things light. I prodded him a little about being a smart aleck and pokin’ a little too much fun when all I really wanted to hear after five days was all the sweet stuff. That’s when his gears switched and he said “well babe, I just walked six miles and I thought about you for 5 and three qtrs…so yeah, I’ve been thinking about you.”

It’s funny when I hear everyone say their SO’s want to talk about fire and their job b/c he is so opposite. I was bringing up some piece of news or another re: fire and he said in a nice way that he did not want to talk about work. He’s pretty burnt out. I’m sure they’re all starting to feel that way this time of year. He just wants to play golf. I told him he could play until his heart’s content while he is here and I’m at work. They were going to spike out again today so it will be a few more days of no communication. That’s alright, I got my fill last night for a few. It’s hard to connect sometimes when our worlds right now are so far apart. I feel kinda silly and frivolous telling him all the fun things I did over Labor Day while he…labored.

In other good news, I have located a monkey. I need a monkey for this music video and after some bizarre phone calls, found a few even. And I thoroughly cleaned my room and did some organizing last night too. It feels good to be a little more productive.

Nerd and FireChica,
I ran again last night w/ a friend. I already notice the difference. We ran about 10 min. longer and I was out walking/jogging for a full hour just about. And my crunches and sit-ups are feeling stronger too. I’m gettin’ good at those push ups. The S130/190 class is still up in the air for October. It’s a combo of getting off work and some trepidation on my part…and maybe partly question of necessity. We’ll see.

You’re story of your boys and husband are hilarious. I’m sure you don’t find them as funny but more annoying rather. But I can just picture it and it is quite the hoot. Talk about FF in the blood! More absurd stories appreciated.

Congratulations HeliGroupie!!!!

I should probably do a little work now…


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