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  • 09/03/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Oh my gosh nerdy you are sooooo right on. If you go out in my drive right now there are two pickups and one car all backed in…then there is one little Land Rover pulled straight in between the backwards pickups……I have been living this way so long I never even noticed. Guess who the Rover belongs to?

I got home from work this pm…left early because of the smoke, headache, and my huge front deck is covered in red packs, boots, hard hats and I have tents and sleeping bags hanging on everything horizontal in the FRONT yard…they hid all their stuff in their trucks till I left for work today….I come in the front door and am blasted by radios all over the place toning every emergency in the world.

Mind you, my husband and a herd of the sons got home last night….as I am walking in the door today, the tones are going off and my sweet adorable husband says “would you mind if I went on that call?” he decided maybe that wasn’t such a good idea……smart man!!!!!

The laundry room is a field of yellow and green with some tan thrown in. And then my bed, get that MY BED, is covered in 5000000000000000 batteries they are testing to see which ones are still good……..am I wrong here or do I need to move to the 5th wheel and let the FF’s have the house? It is the invasion of the firefighters…..and I am losing the battle.
Send Spock and beam me up Scotty I surrender. I am fixing to kick my chicks out and shove the batteries on the floor and go to bed…..is that child abuse?????


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