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  • 09/03/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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It isn’t that the pain and confusion posted in Family Chat isn’t recognized, maybe some posters have an important perspective on the wildfire FF lifestyle and community after so many years. relationships die, not only in a WF family, also the military, and just plain NORMAL city life; often for misguided/silly reasons is a fact of life. WildlandFire website offers links unprecedented elsewhere – links about wildland FF lifestyle, & many opportunities to better educate ourselves about current issues.

Recently it appears the new-to-fire stopped giving names and places in their requests for insight; that is a good thing. Still, some posts should be reconsidered before hitting that too easy send button (including mine). never forget, what is not seen on this FS screen today will be archived – do not embarrass your loved one by posting hastily. not only can your SO read what was posted, as one of the Abs pointed out recently: so can the media! that is when I put on a new hard hat & taped my fingers, before some family members read the archives and hit me upside the head.

Another issue all need to keep foremost in mind is the fact that many of us live in other parts of the USA and posters have experience with various fire suppression perspectives… AK is way diff than FL, NM is way diff than east coast, etc. be it urban interface or total wildland, be it as contract, volly, local, state or feds, it is still wildfire with a diff twist. those who have been quick to misinterpret posts from a different perspective often attack, or are too focused to heed advice that may be important tomorrow or next year for their situation; sad if we don’t learn from one another. (the Aussies and NZ have again been invited to help us, so too have the Canuks and our military – read the NIFC daily sit report.)

FYI, there were wildland fires in so cal last January.

Nemesis (Not the Original Nemesis of course.)

Another Nemesis, I think that everything shared here is alright. We Abs work at keeping people “safe” on theysaid or familysaid. I don’t think anyone’s identity is at risk on either forum. Familysaid is an experiment just as theysaid was in the beginning. There have been emails back and forth behind the scenes when issues of sharing too much “identity” come up. There have occasionally even been changes here in specifics details like SOs names and the number of children, etc to protect familysaid posters. No changes in essentials, just very minor things. The fun had here is not at the expense of posters’ SOs. It’s people figuring out how relationships work and forging fire season support friendships. And you’re right, some firefighter relationships will not work anyway. That’s OK. Life is a process of discovering what will work.

I think you can leave the “protecting” to the Abs. We aim to do it. (And I haven’t heard any attacks here.) On the other hand, if people want to email behind the scenes and plan a get together, etc we think that’s natural. To our way of thinking, sharing information and feeling part of a group with common interests relieves the stress.

As far as the press scrutiny goes, posters are aware of that too, or we make them aware. Timing is everything and we balance that with free speech. My thanks to Sammi for her honest thoughts on theysaid and for her willingness to follow our request on timing. Her thoughts mirrored thoughts that crossed my mind as well. She has extensive experience with youth. What she said needed to be said, why not by a person who knows both firefighting and youth so well? Thank you Sammi.


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