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  • 09/02/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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On lunchbreak here……Hi Robbie now that you remind me I certainly do remember you. I’m slow ya know so my computer chips are full and don’t spit out info like they should. I’m glad you were around to keep abs company over the weekend. Most of us bailed so things were quiet around family said.

I just called home and all my guys packed up early and went their merry way. well all but their dad….which brings me to a touchy subject around my house. When the guys or gals come home off fires they seem to go thru a decompression stage. I think the military has special support groups for the people left behind to know how to handle this “returning to reality syndrome”. For instance…..if the silverwear drawer is not arranged to the returning FF liking then he should have stayed home and monitored it. And if the returning FF doesn’t think the yard has been watered enough then water it yourself…….it has been a very long time since my FF has acted this way and I am liberated enough now- I am gonna punch his lights out. So if any of you want to know my identity on the next rotation look for the tall guy with a black eye, he will be mine. I realize being away from civilization for two weeks or longer gives a skewed view of life and it probably does take some time to acclimate back to civilization but why can’t they wait till at least the next afternoon before they start pointing out all the horrible things we did or did not do……don’t ya think he would be grateful we didn’t wreck the car in Canada? Nope not at all….and to make matters worse I laugh at him and he really does not like that. So yea I’m guilty of pushing his buttons. But I need at least a month to get use to having the fork and spoon patrol home and on duty……….maybe I will hide all the silverwear and dig out the picnic plastic……I can be sooooo bad…


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