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  • 09/02/2003
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Hey Everyone!

Hope all of you had a nice holiday weekend. Our town celebrates Labor Day in a big way, so it was crazy here. I usually try to avoid it all by getting out of town, but my daughter wanted to stay and take in the festivities.

I’ve been going nuts waiting for the weekend to get over so I could get back online and back to Family Said. I wonder if there’s a 12 Step Program for this? My SO got R&R just before the weekend started so it seems like ages since I’ve been back to Family Said. Although I did sneak a peek at the postings while he was sleeping!

BIG NEWS on my end! My SO surprised me with a trip to the jewelry store when he got home! So now I’m sporting Ice on the business hand! I’m so jacked!


Sounds like the kitchen is awesome! I love black kitchens, my sister-in-law did her kitchen black also and it looks great. I gave our bedroom a facelift about a month ago. It has been powder pink since we moved into this house (going on 4 years now). I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I painted it a dark greenish blue (called Stillwater) and trimmed it out with a kind of taupe (called Oregon Trail). Our bedroom is really small so I had to move the queen size Mission style bed around to get to one wall and then move it again to get to another. I completely sympathize about feeling really, really OLD. I couldn’t move for a week after that


Your post about your husband always wanting to be work for the Forest Service and be a FF since he was a little boy in Boy Scouts reminded me of a joke someone told me recently. It just cracked me up. Here it is:

What’s the difference between Wildland Firefighters and Boy Scouts?
The Boy Scouts have adult supervision.

Well, take care everyone,
Heli Groupie

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