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  • 09/02/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Wow,,,,looks like we are missed. Poor Abs, welcoming a newcomer and trying to explain why no-one was around but him, Hoosier and Robbie? Who is Robbie? We all ran away!!!!!! Poor guy.

So welcome to aly…..and thanks ab for holding down the fort. We knew we could trust ya to be good to our list.

I had an absolutely wonderful time. My youngest FF and I went up to the hot springs and around thru east Glacier and then sorta round and bout home. We laughed and howled at the moon. Literally,,,,,took the telescope to look at mars but couldn’t find it…..so we watched the moon. He ate everything in sight and then some……course we found some cute girl type people who are more than willing to chit-chat with him…..surprised a couple of them didn’t sneak in the back of my rig…..oh well,,,,he is a handsome dude, looks just like his dad…..

As we were getting closer to home this afternoon, I was thinking long soak in tub, good book, peace, quiet, etc……well no!!!! We get about half way up our drive and there are three pickups more than when I left…….yep…..two more sons and the dad….all home on the same night. That hasn’t happened in months. We cooked steaks and the other stuff and then THEY cleaned up the mess while I got to soak…… yep I trained them well. So they decided to bunk here for the night and go on to their homes tomorrow. Well all but the dad he belongs to me. The guys (all but the dad) are all out in the 5th wheel bunking together with “my” dog right there with them. I think I heard snoring before the lights went out. So it was a grand weekend with a better ending.

Abs, one of the topics of conversation tonight with the guys was the new shelters. Do we have any information on them and the dates for distribution……

mommy Sammi who has most of her chicks home

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