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  • 09/01/2003
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Oregon Jewel,

I’ve yet to go to Crater Lake. My husband said he would take me after he gets home and before winter sets it. But, well, fire season seems like its going to rage all the way through next spring. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…it’ll be nice to sit upstairs in my studio and scrapbook with the rain hitting the roof.

TazGirl, your life going’s on sound so fun! An art show…and helping your bud with a music video…lots of creative juices flowin’

I’m so achy from jumping up and down from my cabinets to paint and wallpaper, I’m feeling like an old, old woman today. My middle daughter came in town last night from Northern California in a U-Haul to pack up the rest of her stuff and move. We had fun going through old family things and laughing. She asked me if I was sad to see her finally move out…I said “About as sad as I was the day my last child started kindergarten….” Translated…NOT… She gave me the pouty look and I gave her my mom hug and said…”Pack ‘er up girlfriend.” With the new kitchen…her fiancé here to help me move heavy stuff around in the garage and a gaping U-Haul…I used it as an opportunity to “Feng Shui” my life. Here, you want this? How about that? Here’s the cedar chest…the sewing machine…dishes…pots…drafting desk…end tables…lamps…Don’t forget this…and that….WoooHoooo I could dance through my house right now. It feels so … clear! And just so it doesn’t sound so much like I’m an uncaring ice-queen, she’s only 3 hours away in Northern California in my FAVORITE town of all time. So, we’ll be visiting often. With four children, (three in college now) I’ve gotten kind of antsy for my little birds to flit out into the world. “Flit” not being the operative word in any of their cases…all three heart stopping, gut twisting, droopity, rollercoaster maiden voyages. I think though, especially after talking to other parents, most nest departures are similar to that.

The phone just rang…”Mom, I have a couple of questions….”

Fire Wife: Thanks for the encouragement about the kitchen. I really didn’t know it would take this much work to give my kitchen a face lift. But, all in all, I’m sure learning a lot. My visiting daughter said “Wow, mom this looks like a timber faller’s kitchen cabinets, just with class.”

At least I haven’t torn down any walls this time around.

Mellie, any good book recommendations? I’m in the mood to get lost in a good one. The last novel I read was Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Funny, the story(ies) all involve women who are, in some way or another, linked to one another and they don’t even know it.

Take Care,
Fire Momma

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