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  • 08/30/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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This came a few days ago and got lost in the shuffle. Ab.

Hello everyone…

haven’t been on in a couple days and there was so much
to read today…

Lurker *****
The painting is awesome!! I love it!! You are so
talented, I wish I could do something like that but I
am only capable of drawing stick figures!! LOL Have
you done any other paintings or was this your first??

Fire Momma *****
I laughed so hard when you were talking about your
daughter. I have a 3 year old and she is into boy
toys, but also has here baby dolls and Barbie (gag)…
She loves legos and anything that builds to which is
good for her to do… Get the creative juices flowing.
I laughed at the way your grandparents were… Too

Bambi *****
My husband also doesn’t work in the winter… He
says nobody will hire them for the short time they are
off. He does get unemployment after I ask if he has
applied for it though… Someone else said the magic
words though… SAVINGS ACCOUNT… we have started
one so that when Christmas rolls around we aren’t
broke and so bills get paid… Also start buying
gifts for family now…

Sammi *****
I wish I could load up and go to the hot springs…
It sounds wonderful and relaxing… Your comment at
the gas station had me rolling in the floor… I have
heard that remark made before about government FF and
I just laugh… If people only knew the real way it is
I don’t think it would be so glamorous!!


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