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  • 08/29/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Those are some great prankster stories. Hysterical… I should pull a good one on some of the roller derby girls.

Sammi, what a nice surprise for you!!! There are a lot of things I would do in exchange for seeing my FF at my house waiting for me. Your son must really love you to ditch the girls to hang out w/ mom. That’s pretty cool. Although no doubt he can brag to the girls about what a sweet son he is and score some points. Girls seem to dig that stuff. I think the reasoning goes…”if he’s that good to his momma, then he must be good to his woman too.” Somethin’ like that…

I am off for a fun filled weekend. I’m sure I will be exhausted when I come back to work on Tuesday. Going to the lake (wakeboarding hopefully), friend’s b’day celebration, barbecues, art parties, etc. Wish I had my FF to be my date. Although you can bet he’d probably skip the art party.

I ran three days in a row this week! How ’bout you? My push ups are improving already.

I meant to address your comment about being cautious and not giving up my dreams or life plans too much for a guy… I try to be pretty careful about that and maintain my independence and future course. I think we can make joint plans so that it suits my ambitions and his. I have been wanting to move out of state anyway and to the the west. And the place we are considering has a great school for me too. There was really only one other place I was looking at before. So this way, if things don’t work out, I’m not somewhere I never would’ve gone in the first place you know? But I appreciate your advice and more is always appreciated…not always heeded but considered at least. :)

You all take care and enjoy your weekend. I’m going home hopefully to find the pictures my FF sent me. Yay…


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