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  • 08/28/2002
  • WildlandFire.com Team
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Whew, I got to work this morning and there was sooo much family said to catch up on since I left work yesterday. I love it. I have a mental image of us all together drinking margaritas and yappin’ away like chickens…and Robbie is bringin’ us our refills at our command. Kidding, Robbie, kidding. (wink, wink)

Thanks for everyone’s input on my young relationship. We got to talk for quite a while last night since he was in a motel again on the way to a fire in Washington. Although he did have a roommate and was dead tired. You get what you get. He is pretty receptive to my plans of possibly dispatching although I don’t think he knows much about it. Seems to think that is a much better idea than working for an engine crew. He’s not real sure why I want to get into seasonal work either. But I told him if we are moving somewhere new together, I’m not gonna sit there alone all summer in a new place while he fights fire. And besides, I think it would be a good way for me to save some money to go back to school. It’s hard to know what I want to do next summer this early on. I don’t make decisions very easily. I AM a Libra after all. Who knows? Maybe I would rather just find a job and still get to see him on his days off now that he would be based close to home. We’ll figure it out. And I agree w/ the “walk the walk, talk the talk” bit. That is what this winter will be for. It will give us some time together to see how things progress and see if we are ready to move anywhere together.

Nerd and Tonya,
It’s nice to hear your perspective on the alcohol situation. It seems like the both of you know all too well what I’m talking about. What else do you do when you’re 24 w/ no dependents and surrounded by 19 other guys your age half of the year?!! But I think that now he has met me and has someone to care about, his perspective and priority will change somewhat. I don’t believe in changing or fixing someone because we all know how that story ends. But if by his own accord he wants to do some growing up, I’ll stick around and see if he can live up to it. Some people need a reason outside of themselves to do so. Tonya, it sounds like you and your man have made an agreement that might work well for both of you. My FF doesn’t necessarily want me out drinking w/ my girls either all the time, but since a) he isn’t here and b) I haven’t shown that there isn’t any reason why he can’t trust me, I will not agree to that. And he hasn’t asked me either. And I haven’t asked him. I think that decision is up to him. I don’t want to mother him. He’s his own man. I just told him that his promises don’t hold any weight w/ me when drinking is involved. He realizes he doesn’t have much self control once he starts drinking. When it is just the 2 of us, this is never really a problem. It’s when he’s w/ “the boys.”

By the way, the place we’re talking about moving (Montana), I’ve never even been to before. How ridiculous is that?! I will definitely go check it out before making any decisions. Oh, and a question: can anyone tell me which HS crews up there are BLM crews? It seems my FF wants to work for the BLM instead of Forest Service. Don’t really know why. But there are less BLM crews in Montana right? Than in places like Utah?

Fire Momma,
So it was the TV. Even more hilarious. I love watching movies too. The Hours is great! I haven’t seen Adaptation yet. Have you seen All About My Mother (Pedro Almodovar)? Such a good one. And Amelie? We should get together on movies b/c I love them too and we can make good suggestions to one another. You need to see this documentary called Devil’s Playground about Amish teenagers. It’s quite interesting. You would be in movie heaven in Austin. Everything’s here.

I have been running 2 days in a row and am going tomorrow. I’ve been increasing my times a little, but not my speed. I’m going again today and I’m running the Keep Austin Weird 5K next week.

That painting is awesome!!!! You are so talented. I wish I could paint like that. Keep to it, you are really talented. You’re man must’ve melted.

Wish I could go w/ you Sammi and get out of this Tx heat!!! Blech… Have a great time.


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